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AHP Volunteers are ordinary people with extraordinary hearts.  They understand how precious life is to those facing a terminal illness, to their caregivers and to their families.  That little “extra” the volunteer gives in performing a task, offering love and compassion, or just listening, can make a big difference to AHP patients and their families.

Volunteers May:

  • Sit with a patient one to four times per month in order to allow the primary caregiver to leave the home (or even just take a nap in the other room).  The Volunteer may sit for as little as one hour, but not more than four.
  • Sit with a patient during the last hours of life so that the family may take a break without leaving their loved one unattended
  • Make home, facility, or hospital visits to patients for companionship or caregiver relief
  • Read, play card or board games, listen to music, or watch television with the patient
  • Run simple errands for the patient or caregiver
  • Make telephone calls to the patient or caregiver to provide support and companionship
  • Mow lawns
  • Perform “Honey-Dos” (minor repairs, etc.) around a patient’s home

If you have The Open Heart of Hospice and would like to join us as an AHP Volunteer, please contact:

Amarillo Hospice of the Plains


e-mail:  amarillohospiceplains@gmail.com



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